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Saturday, February 5, 2011


India has a long culinary tradition of creating complex and flavorful dishes that are better known for their rich taste rather than their health benefits. Yet, it’s this liberal use of herbs and spices that makes this style of cooking highly nutritious.

The following is a list of commonly used Indian spices and some of their health benefits:


 Protects against cancer.
 They also are a very good source of omega-3 fatty acids, iron, calcium,
zinc, manganese, magnesium, protein, niacin and fiber.


 Prevents toxicity from environmental pollutants like carbon tetrachloride,
 digestive tract cancers, and joint inflammation. They have been
 used in dentistry in the US as a mild anaesthetic
 as well as an anti-bacterial agent.Cloves are anti-inflammatory
 and an excellent source of manganese, dietary fiber, vitamin C,
 omega-3 fatty acids, calcium and magnesium.


 May help control blood sugars and help people with diabetes.
 It has antimicrobial properties that can fight fungal bacteria     
 and also has preserving properties. Even smelling Cinnamon
 can boost your brain activity! A source of maganese,
 fibre, calcium and iron.


 Have anti-inflammatory properties and
 are a good source of fibre, iron, magnesium and maganses.                            


 Are a good source of iron, are good for                                           
digestion and are also known to be cancer fighting.


 Researchers have found that a substance known as curcumin is found
 in turmeric and has anti-inflammatory properties. Curcumin has also
 been shown to shrink pre-cancerous colon polyps. This spice
 has been found to be helpful in fighting inflammatory bowel diseases,
 including Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis, rheumatoid arthritis,
cystic fibrosis, cancer and Alzheimer's disease. It's also shown
 promise in cardiovascular and liver protection.


 Sooths your stomach. Substances called gingerols in ginger              
 can help control nausea. Ginger is also known to help aid
digestion and help control nausea.


 These peppers, which include the popular cayenne pepper,
contain capsaicin, an anti-inflammatory compound that helps with pain relief.
 Chili peppers have been found to

Clear congestion by clearing mucus from the lungs and nose

Boost immunity, prevent stomach ulcers by killing bacteria,
 help with weight loss, reduce blood cholesterol, triglyceride levels and platelet aggregation

Prevent cancers, including stomach cancer and relieve pain.
Ever since its introduction to India in 1498, chillies have been included in Ayurvedic medicines and used as tonic to ward off many diseases. Chillies are good for slimming down as it burns the calorie easily. Chillies stimulate the appetite, help to clear the lungs, and stimulate digestive system.(I read this in many magazines and  fitness related websites)


Bay leaves contain compounds called parthenolides which have
 been helpful for the treatment of migraines, which could explain its   
 traditional use as a natural headache remedy. They also contain
 eugenol, a compound with anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant
 properties, explaining their long-use in herbal cold remedies.

Another spice considered to have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects,
 caraway has been used for cold relief, toothaches,                  
and to boost immune function. It also aids digestion,
settling the stomach, and relieves bloating.

This versatile spice is included in a wide range of dishes, from
 Indian curries to desserts and teas. It’s believed to counteract
 stomach acidity, stimulate appetite, ease nausea, cure bad breath,
 and relieve gas and bloating. Referred to as the
 “Queen of All Spices” it contains potent antioxidants and is often
 included in liver detox. Cardamom has also been used as both
 an aphrodisiac and to fight obesity. Yet more study needs to be
 done on how well it may aid weight loss.


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