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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Simple TIPS

Ground nut balls :

When you are not able to make proper balls out of the groundnut-jaggery mixture, sprinkle rice flour in your hands and try making tight balls.

Paneer cooking tip :

If paneer is very soft, fry it in little oil and allow it to turn golden brown and then add it to your dish and cook so that paneer does not break when mixing with your preparation

Dish is salty?rectify it..

If your dish becomes too salty, then either cook a potato and smash it and add to the dish or if you like you can add little lemon juice. Both are the ways to remove the excess salt

Too watery curry or sabgy..?you can modify..

If you think your subji has lost its consistency by excess water, then mix one tsp of rice flour or corn flour to little water and add it to the subji and allow it to boil for few mins. Then the subji will become thick.

Note : These tips i heard from my friends,if you try them pls let me know how it works..


nivedita said...

Very useful tips.

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