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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cool tips for healthy cooking

1.When a dish starts getting stuck at the bottom and is burning, immediately place the vessel on a plate with water for 3,4 minutes. That takes away the burning smell

2."If sambar or rasam is too salty ,add a small ball of cooked rice or a small cooked potato to the preparation. That takes away excess salt.You can remove the rice or potato some time later."

3.“While heating milk, add 3 tsps of water to the bottom of the vessel before adding milk, so that milk does not get stuck to the bottom".

4."While preparing masala for sambar, add a few grains of poppy seeds before frying.This adds to the flavour and has a cooling effect"

5.“Always chop curry leaves finely so that they mix well with the preparation"

6."To cure ulcers in the mouth, apply sesame oil or coconut oil at least 4 or 5 times a day. "

7.“Sprouted mung: Soak moong overnight. In the morning, store in a casserole for nearly 10 hrs.The sprouts will start appearing. ”

8 ."When stomach is upset, take a few fenugreek seeds. with ½ a glass of buttermilk, 2 or 3 times"

9."Dried Appalam can be microwaved instead of deep fried to avoid fat."

10.Beans, Spinach, Cabbage, Cauliflower etc should not be cooked in a pressure cooker, because they lose color & flavor.

11.“For a change, to make a different tasting sambar, add jeera-pepper mix(powdered coarsely) to tempering ” and while cooking sambar add small piece of jaggery makes more tasty..

12."Wash your hands holding a steel spoon after peeling or chopping garlic to get rid of the smell from your hands.

13.For a shoe bite, apply coconut oil mixed with pure turmeric powder at least 2,3 times a day. Cover with a piece of cotton before wearing shoe"

14.“When appetite is at a low level, drink tea decoction with a little sugar and a tsp of lime juice, when still warm

15.Always pour jaggery syrup to peanuts, puffed dal  etc and not vice versa"

16.“Ajwain seeds help digestion, so munch a few seeds and drink warm water or or soak ajwain in warm water for an hour or so then drink that water..for kids its very good for digestion n stomouch pain relieves.


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