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Monday, April 26, 2010

Rice noodles

Ingredients :

*Rice noodles – as needed(measurements should me app not necessary exact amount)
*oil – 3 tsp
*mustard seeds – little
*urud dal/channa dal – little
*Curry ,corriander leaves -little
*chopped Green chilli
*chopped onion (more onions gives more taste)
*Red chilli powder
*turmeric powder
*Tomato (atleast 4 tomatoes or one hunts diced tomato tin for 2 persons quantity)
*salt as needed

Method :

Break the noodles into small pieces(2cm size) othewise it will be too tought for mixing.

Soak the rice noodles in water for 5 mins. Once you feel that its soft drain the water and steam cook in idli maker till soft. Moslty 5 mins will be enough.

Heat wide mouthed pan. Add oil and temper mustard seeds, Urudal /channa dal,curry leaves and corriander leaves.

Add the chopped onions and green chilli (may be 1 or 2). Let it fry.

Blend the tomato roughly( may be 5 seconds the so that thee will be some little tomato pieces) don’t make as fine paste.

Now add the coarsly blended tomato.

Add turmeric and red chilli powder (remember that you add green chilli too) and needed salt and let it cook for 5 mins

If needed sprinkle little water.

Now add the steamed rice noodles and mix well together . Now rice noodle is ready to serve.


You can try curd rice noodle, lemon noodle, vegetable noodle,coconut noodle etc . Try in the way how to make that variety rices but instead of rice add the steamed rice noodles because this this how we do curd idiyappam, lemon idiyappam ,mixed vegetable idyappam,and coconut idiyappam.


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