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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

palappam kerala spl

Ingredients :

* Raw White Rice - 2 cups
* Cooked White Rice - 1 cup
* Fresh/Desiccated Coconut - 1 cup (I used dessicated)
* Yeast - 1 pack
* Salt - 2 tsp
* Sugar - 8tbsp

{An Appam Chatti/idiyappam maker/lothu bandi/deep pan - a round bottomed vessel- just like a karahi - preferably non-stick.}

Method :

 Soak the raw rice for at least 6 hours

 Grind the raw rice into a paste adding sufficient amount of water. Keep it aside

 Grind the cooked rice and coconut separately adding some more water, into a smooth paste. Mix it with the raw rice paste in Step to make smooth paste like batter.

 Meanwhile take the yeast, mix in warm water and 1tsp sugar, keep it to ferment for about half an hour OR follow the instructions on the pack.

 Once the yeast is ready, mixed it to the batter along with the salt and rest of the sugar. Keep it for a few hours until you see the whole mixture raised-up well enough. You can start making appams at this point.

 Take the appam vessel, drop a little oil just enough to grease and pour a ladle full of batter prepared in  above Step 3.

Take the appam chatti into both your hands and swirl in one direction(clockwise or anticlockwise), to spread the batter all around the vessel until it covers good part of it.

 Close the lid and let the appam cook for a couple of minutes and slowly remove the appam.

 Serve with vegetable korma, egg curry or stew.

variation method you can see  for palappam here click here


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