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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Health tips

* Use whole wheat flour/besan(Bengal gram flour) instead of refined flour(maida) according to your requirement and taste.

*Use dates and honey instead of sugar and jaggery. Sugar and jaggery add more calories to your sweets but Jaggery is recommended due to its iron content.

*Do shallow fry instead of deep fry.

* Add lemon or dried mango powder in the food to avoid tamarind.

* Use half polished rice instead of fully polished rice.

* Use boiled rice/idli rice(tiffin rice) in dosas instead of polished raw rice.

* Occasionally you can have home made sweets but better to avoid deep fried/ready made sweets.

*Go for halwas/holiges which have some good ingredients like vegetables (carrot, pumpkin and gourds), fruits, nuts, oats and wheat etc.

* Use green chillies and black pepper powder instead of red chillies and red chilli powder.

* Use butter instead of ghee while frying, it will help in reducing calories in your food.

* Add seasoning after boiling the vegetables. Steaming is the best process to cook vegetables without draining the water.

* Before the preparation of your food microwave chopped onions for 2 to 3 minutes. So that you can prepare the dish with very less oil.

* Potatoes can be had occasionally but not deep fried as they will add more calories. It is better to eat potatoes with the peel.

* Use brown bread/multi cereal bread instead of white bread.

* Use branded 3 layered non-stick cookware, which helps you in cooking with less oil.


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