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Sunday, April 11, 2010

avial ( kerala cuisine)

Ingredients :

* 1 small- Cucumber/Dosakaaya
* ½ nos. - Snake Gourd/Potlakaaya
* 1 or 2 medium-Brinjal/Vankaaya
* 3-4 strands- Long Beans
* 1 big -Drumstick/Munnakaaya
* 1 cup -Kandha gadda OR pullaganda
* 1 Carrot
* Few- Dry Jackfruit seeds/Panasa vithanaalu

Other things you need:

* Curry leaves - 2 stalks
* Fresh shredded coconut - 1 and half cup
* Cumin Seeds - 1 tsp
* Tamarind - a marble size
* oil as required

Method :

Cut all the above mentioned vegetables in long pieces approx 1 inch in length. Cucumber, Carrot and yam/kanda need to be scraped out of the skin but for snake gourd light or no scraping will do

Take a saucepan grease it with one teaspoon of  oil – put all the cut vegetables in a saucepan - pour little water –

 you do not need too much water as many of the above mentioned veggies ooze out water during the boiling process anyways .

Add turmeric powder, salt, two three slit green chilies, curry leaves and boil thoroughly until all the vegetables are soft and reduce in size.

Soak the tamarind and keep aside. Grind the coconut along with cumin seeds and 2 green-chilies. Mix the ground paste and tamarind with the boiled vegetables and cook for some time .

Season with curry leaves and a teaspoon of coconut oil, mix well .

 serve with sambar, hot rice and pappad.


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