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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Nepal egg and veggie pizza


*1 cup rice floor
*water as needed
*potato as needed
*dryed peas (Soak before 24 hrs)
* banana pepper
*eggs 1
*coreander leaf
*onion dryed (chopped lengthy
*onion green
*pure butter 1/2 bar
*jeera powder
*red chilly powder

Method :

Boil the potatos and mash it with salt, jera power, red chilly powder, coriender leaf, green chilly, green onion,

put the rice floor in a bowl add the water and 2tsp of oil mix it well as like thick dough (like making the spring roll dough).

take the frying pan and pour little oil and then dough as round dosa. low heat the gas put the potaoto as sprinkle as pizza and sprinkle the vegs like banana pepper jalapenos,   pour the whole egg on the top sprinkle with coriender leaf and green onion. cover with non vapour pan .

just look at the nepali pizz it's good to eat on hot

(Other way of base

Mix rice flour, eggs, water and a pinch of salt to make cake-like-batter. Heat butter over a pan. Pour  some batter and spread out into a thin crust. Cover the pan and cook just on one side for few minutes. Don't turn onto the other side now put some toppings as you like as above let it cook 2 mints )

 Note : Here rice flour base is like dosa shape but more thicker than dosa


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