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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pappu charu

Ingrediants :

*1/2 cup Toor Dal
*5 tsp of oil
*1 tomato
*1 medium size onion
*4 mirchi/chillies
*1tsp urid dal
*1/2 tsp jeera
*1/2tsp Mustard seeds
*hing a little
*1 tsp corriander Powder
*2 pieces of garlic
*3 tsp of tamrid paste
*little corriander leaves
*little curry leaves

Method :

firstly wash toor dal and pour 1 and half cp of water in cooker and cook until it becomes smooth and keep it aside.

 In a pan put some oil add 1 or 2 dry chillies, urid dal , mustard seeds, jeera ,curry leaves in it and make it fry until it gets brown later add hing and chillies, a mintue later add onions and make a deep fry until onions gets brown.

 Later add finely chopped Tomato in it and make it fry until oil comes out in it.

Later add toor dal that was taken out from cooker, fry all together for a 4-5 mintues later add tamrid paste and pour water and cook it for minimun 6 mintues until it gets very thick enough and serve it hot by puting corriander leaves


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