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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Keera/Green cucumber pickle(Instant pickle)

Ingredients :

*Keera/Cucumber green-Medium size 2
*Mustered seeds- 4 tsp
*Red chilli powder 4tsp
*Fenugreek seeds 1 tsp
*Salt to taste
*Lemon-1 medium size(optional)

Method :

Wash the cucumber and  peel the skin off (if the skin is too thick),

chop the keera in to big chunks,grind the mustard seeds,fenugreek seeds seperately as a fine powder.

In a mixing bowl add cucumber chunks,chilli powder,mustard powder,fenugreek powder,salt together with little oil to get uniform mixture.

After thorough mixing adjust the salt by tasting th pickle,add lemon juice up to your taste, finally put tempering if you required so.

Take the clean jar and transfer pickle by adding the remaining oil to that.set aside for 24 hrs..

It stays for 3-4 days only not for long period.

Serve with hot rice  n dollop of ghee

Note : You can also use many types of cucumbers like (regular cucuber,chineese,japaneese,salad,english,indian) same procedure


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